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Let’s face it, a worldwide health crisis has disrupted your wedding plans: That’s why we are here! We have written some guidelines to help you organize your big day and support you with the best options.
Italia Wedding Society is a group by freelance professionals, enterprises and small craft businessses that are reacting to this emergency in a serious and responsible way, by using their expertise to make sure couples still get the opportunity to organize the wedding they dreamed of.
Staying realistic (but positive) is key.

This clear and ethical handbook will explain how rescheduling your wedding is a responsible choice and an opportunity for you to see how your dreams can still come true without so much stress and uncertainty.
That’s why we’ve come together for you!

All the suppliers that agreed to our campaign  will ensure they will 

Keep working on your event till your new wedding date, by working on the project you agreed upon with no additional fees. The contract won’t change.
Offer you an equivalent solution to the one contracted in 2020 even in case you decide to postpone your wedding to 2021.
Choose a back-up date that fulfills your project with a team of desired vendors or with suppliers of the same quality and value.
Keep the confirmation deposit valid till the end of 2021.
Consider midweek dates to have access to favorable terms and conditions.
Rescheduling your wedding day with your chosen vendors instead of cancelling it is a conscious choice that will help the wedding industry, as well as many connected sectors like the catering industry and tourism, overcome these difficult times.


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