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We have to stand together; we have to be ready to help with our clients’ needs and find solutions for our own.
We need new strategies to overcome these hard times and create a new working scenario that will continue to be successful in the years to come.

All vendors who are part of Italia Wedding Society commit to


Providing an equivalent offer to all couples that are postponing their wedding to 2021, without any additional charge.
Keeping the deposit received for their 2020 wedding and considering it valid for their new date in 2021.
Trying to find a right agreement on the schedule for those who are posticipating their wedding to 2021, keeping the same day, including Saturdays.
Guiding our clients and providing them with equivalent offers, in case one ore more vendors won’t be available on the new date.
Consider the possibility of postponing to a midweek day by ensuring the presence of the chosen team of suppliers and, where possible, the business owner also, or alternatively, by offering service incentives.
Cooperate with the other vendors to face the 2021 overbooking.
Guarantee a 2021 offer that is consistent with our value by avoiding a downward price trend.
Support Made In Italy by choosing Italian products and services.
If you share our ethics and want to join us send us an email to:
and become “Supporter”

Are you in?